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Our jewelry is modular, can be combined in many ways and styled from day to evening.

We move away from seasonality because we believe that the most important element of each season is timelessness, self-confidence and telling our own story through what we wear.

We believe in conscious choice, which is why we give up mass content, waste of materials and fast fashion consumerism.

Beata Wandachowicz & Marta Wolniak

Beem Studio Founders




Beem Studio is a promise of quality, because our jewelry is handmade from 925 silver and plated with 24-carat pure gold.

​We design from scratch, from sketches and 3D designs to the final touches of craftsmen.

The entire collection is created locally in Poland and made in our workshop by experienced jewelers.

Our studio is located in Warsaw and we send our jewelry to order from here.

We do not create overproduction, each order is processed individually.

If you would like to adapt our project to your needs, please contact us, we will be happy to help you realize your vision.


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